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Ice Rink Containment Netting

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Are you tired of digging your pucks out of the snow or even worst dealing with your upset neighbour about the puck that went through their window?? Use our netting to retain your pucks. Also helpful to help keep the little ones within the rink & unwanted animals off the rink. Can be cut to your desired length, without unravelling & has 2 or 3 rows (running top, bottom & middle on the 10ft only) of reinforced eyeholes for securing to posts etc. We do also sell zip ties for easy securing. The most economial ice rink netting on the market at truely unbeatable prices.

This also acts as a great garden netting come spring so is a truely multi use netting at a great price.

What you get:
2 widths avialable : 6.5ft or 10ft (they can be joined easily to add height with zip ties)
2 lengths avialable : 80ft or 165ft complete rolls
4 colors to choose from
Reinforced stitched eyeholes (running top & bottom & middle on the 10ft) for securing to posts etc.
Can cut to your rinks size.Will not unravel when cut
100 grams sq M Heavy Duty poly netting with UV protection

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